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Saturday 9th May
Race Rules.
A Fun Family Day Out


All Drivers Must:

1.  Sign the indemnity waiver form before racing.

2.  Be suitably equipped with protective clothing including a crash helmet,

     gloves, appropriate footwear and a leather jacket.

3.  Be seated or reclined. No face down or head first positions are allowed.


All Karts Must:

4. Be powered by gravity only i.e. no pedaling or pushing

5. Have a steering system and brakes.

6. Not have any sharp edges, glass or loose parts

7. Be passed by the scrutineering officer prior to racing.  However, inspection does not

   constitute a warranty of safety. Drivers are solely responsible for the safe

   construction and operation of their vehicles.

   To Enter send a your signed indemnity form with £15 cheque to

   East Allington Whacky Races, Hunter, Fallapit Cottages, East Allington, Totnes , TQ9 7QS




Race Rules and Kart Regulations

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